The Modern Day Wizard, Andrew Wallas

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The Modern Day Wizard

Disconnection from ourselves is the biggest ailment of our time. Andrew Wallas, a former financial whizz-kid-turned-psychic counsellor, has made it his mission to reconnect us with those parts of ourselves we are running away from. ‘Too often mental health treatment deals with the symptoms and not the root,’ says Wallas, who underwent 13 years of psychotherapy, before becoming one of the most well known spiritual psychotherapists himself.

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Run With It – An Olympic Depression, Jack Green

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Team GB Olympic Athlete When 20-year old Jack Green stumbled over a hurdle during the 2012 London Olympics, his dream and his mind exploded. ‘I couldn’t do one run without feeling awful.’ Green descended into depression, contemplating suicide. During an 18-month break he learned to control his self-destructive perfectionism. ‘I never fell out of love […]

Battle Trauma, Thomas Stimpson MBE

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War Hero Living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Twenty-six years in the Royal Air Force. Falklands, Iraq, Afghanistan. But when Tom Stimpson (MBE) started collapsing with mysterious seizures, he had no idea what it was. Eventually he was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Since then, Tom has heroically regained much of his health […]

Mapping Depression, Andrew Solomon

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Writer, Lecturer and Activist Award-winning journalist Andrew Solomon always thought he was tough. But a series of losses, including the assisted suicide of his cancer-suffering mum, plunged him into a deep depression, which then morphed into ripping anxiety. ‘It was eating me alive.’ Driven to try and understand his condition, Solomon interviewed numerous fellow sufferers […]

Addiction Counsellor Uncut, George Atiase

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Addict Turned Substance Abuse Counsellor and Lecturer George Atiase is a London-based addiction counselor and lecturer. In this moving video, he opens up about his own battles with addiction and how he eventually learned that ‘it’s ok to be me’. Apart from his love for singing, bespoke jewelry, and his motorbike, George now devotes his […]

Fighting for your Child, Dani Maimone

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Mother of Child with Eating Disorder and Depression Depression and anxiety among children and teenagers has soared. Yet a staggering 70 percent don’t receive help when they need it most. When Dani Maimone’s teenage daughter developed an eating disorder and became so depressed that all she wanted to do was die, Maimone faced years of fighting […]

From Dark Depression to Sushi King, Simon Woodroffe OBE

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Founder of YO! Sushi When he was forty, Simon Woodroffe found himself divorcing, without an income, and battling depression. A few years later he stood at the helm of a hugely successful business empire: The YO! Sushi chain and other YO ventures. ‘If someone asks me ‘what inspired you to start YO! Sushi?’ I reply: […]

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