Aaron Alexander, founder of The Align Method, relied on bodybuilding when he was a teenager, while experiencing insecurity and instability in his home life. But then he moved to Hawaii and the change in environment had a massive impact on how he wanted to live his life. He created The Align Method to build a “driving manual” for our bodies, from the way we breathe to the way we move.

“Subtle changes in your environment can have massive changes in your body,” he says. He urges us to spend a minimum of 30 minutes a day on the ground – working, or eating, or playing – to take our knees, hips and ankles through a fuller range of motion. Aaron also suggests hanging from a pull-up bar to decompress. And make sure you take plenty of eye breaks, including getting some sunlight into your eyes and on the skin. “Go outside and take a walking meeting if you can!”

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