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No longer the elephant in the room: mental health and wellbeing in the workplace is a core part of business strategy. And we’d like to help.

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Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever speaks exclusively to Head Talks on the importance of wellbeing in the workplace.

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Customised programmes for the mental wellbeing and resilience of employees

11.7 million
the total number of working days lost due to stress, depression and anxiety in 2015 alone, costing the UK economy an estimated £100 billion.

57% of UK workers
have suffered from mental health problems while in employment; 44% wanted to take leave to seek help but felt unable to do so; 11% were too scared to ask.

1 in 2 people
will experience mental ill health in their life.

3 in 4 employees
experience symptoms of poor mental health with line managers unsure about how to respond.

95% of people
who took time off because of stress or anxiety were unable to tell their manager the real reason.

Government research shows that as a result of investing in the emotional resilience of their employees, companies have enjoyed lower absence-related costs and reduced insurance claims; enhanced employee morale and engagement, performance quality, productivity and corporate reputation.
Any business of any size in any sector can promote the resilience of their employees. Many simple interventions incurring little or no additional costs can have profound effects.

Our Vision

A culture of health in the workplace encourages employees to perform at their best professionally. When the pursuit of healthy goals becomes actionable and supported at work, the benefits accrue to employees and employers alike.

It’s essential that a mental health and wellbeing programme is led from the top: senior executives must be involved. We want to work with you to implement a programme of select events and seminars, twinned with access to our powerful online videos and resources. Finally, employees will be able to create their own mental “toolbox” – a playlist of videos, podcasts and thoughtful material to help alleviate stress and promote positive productivity.

Profits from our corporate programmes go towards running events, workshops and publishing guides for communities and schools free of charge and available to everyone.


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Selected Speakers

We have a full roster of speakers and moderators who can deliver anything from a keynote to 1,000 people, through to small workshops focused around breathing and mindfulness.

Our speakers and practitioners include: Alastair Campbell, Ruby Wax, Jamil Qureshi, Jonny Benjamin, Beau Lotto, Geoff McDonald, Rachel Kelly, Jeremy Thomas, Melissa Hemsley and many more.

“It’s good common sense to look after your people, but it is also a duty of care we have. This is fundamental for the business world to embrace.”

Sir Ian Cheshire, chairman of Debenhams


To get in touch, please contact