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Attaining happiness is as predictable as getting fit, says Mo Gawdat, former Chief Business Officer at Google X and founder of One Billion Happy. “If you make happiness your priority and go to the happiness ‘gym’ four to five times a week, you will be happier.” Mo says that if we make it our priority, we move in the direction of making life choices that make us happy. As for the happiness gym, Mo reminds us that ‘if we use it, it grows’. One easy example is to wake up and meditate, instead of listening to the news. “You train your brain to be calm, content and controlled – and focus on the stuff that matters.”

  • Mo recorded a Masterclass for Head Talks, which will be published soon. 

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  1. Patricia


  2. Allen1972

    One of the best videos I have seen in a while and one i could relate to it on a number of levels.