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Podcasts are a brilliant way to provide a safe space for people to learn more about mental health issues, or to immerse themselves in someone else’s lived experiences. Our podcasts are available through our website, on Spotify, Soundcloud, and on Apple Podcasts – why not try one out? In this clip, you can hear some of the inspiring people who’ve spoken […]

Facing the future with John Sanei, John Sanei

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John Sanei makes it his business to study the future. He believes we are facing a time of change that’s happening at unprecedented speed. Our brains, he says, aren’t well adapted to deal with this new world, and we need to learn to change our state of mind — like a software upgrade — so […]

Measuring a nation’s happiness, Tshering Tobgay

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Dasho Tshering Tobgay is the former Prime Minister of Bhutan, the Himalayan country once isolated from the rest of the world, but which in recent decades has been pursuing the idea of measuring ‘gross national happiness’. This idea goes beyond the traditional pursuit of economic growth and takes into account the country’s environment and culture. […]

Bringing happiness to work, Arnaud Collery

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Arnaud Collery is a speaker and coach who’s had a huge variety of careers from stand-up comedy to finance. He thrives on change and the feeling that fantastic things are around the corner. As someone who’s worked in many different parts of the world, he compares the attitudes that different cultures have to work — […]

Be accountable for your own happiness, Lisane Basquiat

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Lisane Basquiat, the founder of Shaping Freedom, grew up in an immigrant Haitian family in Brooklyn. She and her siblings — including the artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat — were expected to succeed in conventional ways. Her brother took his own creative path. Lisane, who is an entrepreneur and a life strategist, followed a conventional corporate route […]

A smarter balance with our devices, Anastasia Dedyukhina

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While working in stressful jobs, Anastasia Dedyukhina realised that smartphones, and the pressure to be ‘always on’, were doing her harm. She tried an experiment: giving up her smartphone altogether and going back to a more offline way of life. The experience inspired her to found Consciously Digital, a network of coaches who help others […]

Closing the apps in our minds, Pandit Dasa

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Pandit Dasa spent fifteen years living as a monk – not in a remote retreat but in the heart of New York City. When he emerged from his monastic life, he became a speaker instead, inspiring others to live more mindfully. He gives us some tips on how to re-emerge into the busy world, including […]

Blue Therapy, Keri-Anne Payne

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Keri-Anne Payne is a triple Olympian and world champion open water swimmer. She also now teaches others the best and safest way to enjoy the open water — and cold water in particular. She’s working with Chill UK to teach stressed NHS staff about the benefits of the water. Keri-Anne teaches them how to control […]

Bringing our authentic selves to work, Asif Sadiq

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Asif Sadiq has had a long career working in business to make companies more diverse and inclusive. After a year of remote working, he believes that companies which have embraced change are more ready to adapt to new challenges. Asif says he’s learnt more about colleagues’ lives during the past year, and thinks this process […]

No news is good news, Rolf Dobelli

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Rolf Dobelli is the author of ‘Stop Reading the News: A Manifesto for a Happier, Calmer and Wiser Life’. As a recovering news junkie, he found that once he’d got over his initial worry that he was missing something, he was able to be calmer and take better decisions. Rolf argues that news is to […]

How to be authentically charming, Dr Raj Persaud

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‘Seduction’ may have gone out of fashion as a concept but psychiatrist Dr Raj Persaud believes it isn’t dead. He tells us about the risks for our personal relationships about conducting too much of our lives online, and tells us what we should and shouldn’t learn from the unlikely group of advisers Casanova, Machiavelli, Jane […]

The electricity of the mind, Dr Rahul Jandial

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In his book, ‘Life Lessons from a Brain Surgeon’, Dr Rahul Jandial uses what he has seen from years of operating on brains in trauma to tell the rest of us how best to keep our brains healthy. While the brain is an extremely complex and fascinating organ, there are simple things we can do […]

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