Christine Steel

At this time of year – particularly this year – we are all too aware of the pressures put on young people today, as they start a new school or a new university. I have seen the pressure first-hand with my daughter: to achieve academically, in the workplace, and socially, all while conforming to society’s expectations. When the pressure of education collided with my daughter’s health, I felt compelled to try and stop this happening to other parents, and to try and reduce the stress on students.

As the pandemic took an increasing toll on our mental health, people have been more open about talking about their issues; but if you’re feeling overwhelmed, depressed or anxious, it can feel a step too far to talk to others. But the act of physically writing something down can allow you to work through some of the issues, in an incredibly powerful way.

While I was researching the many struggles that students go through, I had the idea for a tool to help de-stress students. It’s an online “blank page” for you to write your thoughts, sit with them, and then DELETE them if you want (though you can save if you prefer).

The power of journaling helps you to sort through your problems, helps you to release deep emotions, unblocks what may be stopping you moving forward and gives you the opportunity to process your thoughts and emotions in your own space and in your time.

Having a safe space to write out those thoughts, anxieties and emotions without anyone else ever seeing them, and then to let those feelings go, you are emotionally unloading and freeing your mind, gaining clarity and taking back control. It’s the modern equivalent of writing down your worries and setting fire to them!

Feel it, write it, delete it. I created My Mind Health for everyone.

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