Actress and filmmaker Liana Cornell was drawn to environmental issues from an early age, helped by her unconventional upbringing as the child of filmmakers. She wanted to use her platform as an actress to shine a spotlight on environmental organisations whose work might not have been known. But the work left her drained and burned out and suffering stomach ulcers from stress. She stepped back, started to meditate, studied Reiki and changed her diet. “I think it’s important to go easy on yourself, and make sure that your own cup is full, because until then, you can’t care beyond your bubble. And once you’re able to ensure that you’re coming from a place that’s full, then your intuition will lead you to greatest work.” Liana is a great believer in looking to your community first. “Literally, your own backyard is where you start doing the good work. And people sometimes say, ‘Oh, it’s not up to the individual’, but I really do think that it starts at an individual level. That then creates a whole community.”
– You can read more about Liana’s documentary series Refugia here.  

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