Anna Percy-Davis

I have been thinking about how to navigate this month, especially Blue Monday. So here are my five top tips to help you build your sense of wellbeing at work and nurture your bounce back-ability when times get tough:

Balcony people

Actively seek out and nurture your relationship with the balcony people at your workplace. You know those people who take you up to the balcony and show you the view – they champion, inspire and remind you of the best version of you. We all have balcony people in our lives – hang out with them and not the basement people – those who take you to the dark, dank basement and make you feel rubbish.

Notice the good stuff

The first taste of coffee in the morning, the seat on the tube, the doorman who smiles at you – if we look hard enough there are fleeting moments of feelgood to notice in most days and these do help nurture your sense of wellbeing.

Take a lunch break (and breathe!)

It doesn’t have to be an hour (although an hour is optimal of course) and if you can get out of the office and into nature (the nearest park) to walk, breathe (long slow steadying breaths) and just take a break, you are doing your wellbeing and resilience a real favour.

Random acts of kindness

Have you ever noticed how smiling at someone, doing someone a small favour, letting someone go ahead of you in the queue, gives you a little kick of feelgood? This doesn’t mean you have to be a martyr but reaching out and doing a little something for someone helps your wellbeing too.

Avoid the tyranny of positivity

Being relentlessly upbeat and smiley can be exhausting too. Avoid the pressure to be strong, positive and resilient at every turn. Life is about being “good enough” not perfect, and that applies to resilience and wellbeing too. Shitty days happen and that’s ok! Just keep reaching out to the balcony people, keep breathing, keep noticing the fleeting ok moments (even on a bad day) and, if you can muster the odd smile, notice when someone smiles back.

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