In 2020, Rose Paterson took her own life. She had never spoken of depression, never been on medication, and had never mentioned her pain to her family. She went missing one day, and when they found her body, the Patersons’ world collapsed. “It is incomprehensible that she could have torn herself away from this,” says her widower Owen, a MP. “How could she take this catastrophic step without mentioning it once?” He has called for a huge increase in the amount of suicide awareness training undertaken in schools, councils, businesses, public bodies, and medical personnel. Owen set up the Rose Paterson Trust to support those in need through fundraising and policy change. “Every single suicide is wholly unnecessary and absolutely not inevitable,” he reminds us.

– This video was released on World Suicide Prevention Day; you can read more about the work of the Rose Paterson Trust here

Image: Rose Paterson Trust

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