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Research shows that the consistent loving attention of just one caregiver makes all the difference to a child’s chances of long-term mental health. At Sophie and Friends, our mission is to offer that voice of care.Our videos aim to nurture preschool and primary-aged children and provide a loving refuge.At our core is the message: We are all worthy of love, just as we are.

We also teach essential socio-emotional skills to help children navigate a changing world.

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Every Sophie and Friends episode features songs like this one, written to soothe and meet children’s core needs of security and love. 

Our videos feature a mix of movement, mindfulness, compassion and creativity, as we strive to nurture the individual in each child. Our content is supported by mental health research and approved by child development and primary education experts.

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One of the creative exercises featured on the show.

A child’s early years are truly the most pivotalperiod in their development. We’re here to help lay the right foundations for children; to support them in leading healthy, fulfilling lives.

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We’ve now completed our first (Kickstarter-funded) series and are entering the development process for our second! Our aim is to create the highest quality kids’ wellbeing videos available online.

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We welcome all audience feedback and requests for topics you’d love us to address. Currently, we’d also be very grateful for ideas on outreach and sustainable funding to support our long-term planning.

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