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Anna Percy-Davis

If you need to start working from home, either for self-isolation, or because you are minimising travel, it can be tricky to get the hang of working from home. Here are 10 Top Tips to keep you strategic, keep you happy, keep you productive and keep you sane. Balance, balance, balance is what we are aiming for and you might even find the opportunity in being a work-from-home person – even if it just for a little while.

  • Routine: it’s stabilising, reassuring and can protect your confidence.
  • Create a workspace: keep it organised and clear and work-related only! It is worth trying to keep it clean and cool too – you don’t want to be developing toxic office syndrome at home!
  • Commit to self-care, particularly physical self-care: ensure you practise sleep hygiene, you keep yourself well hydrated, you eat well – regularly and avoid snacking on sugar, exercise however you can (home workouts are possible and easy to do). Remember to breathe – long, slow, steadying breaths regularly all day to keep you calm and keep you focused.
  • Separate your work life and your home life: be clear on when you work, where you work and make sure you have a beginning, middle and end to your working day. Too much snacking, tidying, ironing during office hours is not ideal, nor is sitting at your computer or phone, pumping out work-related tasks at all hours. And don’t let working from home exacerbate that sneaky habit we have all grown good at cultivating!
  • Set goals – and Victory Dance. Structure your day into goals/lists/priorities. Don’t let your strategic muscles get flabby. You need to stay clear on what the key things are that you need to achieve. Furthermore, make sure you notice when you have completed something. So do a Victory Dance – and it’s got to be to your favourite tune and done with genuine enthusiasm! – at the completion of anything on your list of things to do. And, if you have a big task you have to get through, slice it into smaller bits and victory dance every “chunk” achieved!
  • Keep up with your tribe. Skype, call, message, or DM all those members of your tribe who regularly take you to the balcony and show you the view ,and make sure you are sharing some of your balcony energy with them too.
  • Don’t stop networking: just because you can’t get out and handshake doesn’t mean you can’t reach out to people, set up meetings, so keep coming up with good reasons to connect.
  • Commit to random acts of kindness: a strong sense of community and committing to random acts of kindness are two ways to keep yourself positive. Don’t let being stuck at home stop you from being kind. Reach out, support, be interested in other people – it will take you away from the inside of your own head and will not only have a positive impact on the person/people you are helping but will help you feel positive too.
  • Be mindful of the stories you tell yourself. We can’t control what happens to us but we can control our reaction to them. Notice if you are giving yourself lots of negative messages around being stuck at home.
  • Find the “thing” that gives you “zing”! For me, it’s a cold shower in the early mornings; for you it might be a yoga stretch or two, or jogging on the spot madly for 60 seconds. Whatever it is that gives you that little lift and makes you feel a little more alive – now more than ever, commit to this.

You can watch Anna’s Head Talk here.

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