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New Year’s day has come and gone in a particular blur this year and so too have many of my potential New Year’s Resolutions.

What is it about New Year’s resolutions anyway? They seem to be a really clever (or perhaps not so clever) way of setting ourselves up to fail. Besides, looking back on my last few years of resolutions (that is one thing I am good at – documenting my resolutions faithfully every New Year’s day for the last decade at least!) my resolutions haven’t seemed to shift much. They range from: Spend more/less time working, be braver at marketing my business, do more exercise, drink more water, eat more healthily – blah, blah, blah, Hardly, earth shattering, inspirational, life enhancing quests and I can’t really see the generosity in any of them towards myself or others frankly.

SO, this year I am playing with the following questions and it is going to be interesting to see where they take me. Perhaps you would like to play with them too? You may have your list of resolutions and they may be going really well. If so, Great! Keep it up, but give these questions a ponder too. They might just tweak you into a more positive, powerful place even when dealing with those pesky resolutions.

So herewith, my questions for 2021:

1. What three things will you love about yourself this year?

Worth considering, self-care has to start with a bit (a lot!) of self-love. It’s all too easy to forget to notice what is great about you.

2. What three things will you let go of in 2021?

Keeping on clinging to some of the garbage in our lives is so exhausting whether it be physical possessions or that negative self-chat which we convince ourselves are truths or even those behaviours that really don’t do us any favours. Let 2021 be the year you shift away from some of that “stuff”.

3. What three things do you most want to achieve this year?

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking too small (I am a gold medallist in thinking small so I do understand if that’s what you might be doing here). What would the biggest, boldest, bravest version of you want to nail this year? 2021, despite all its challenges, needed stop you thinking BIG!

4. Who will be the three people who are your pillars when times get tough?

Always good to have these “Balcony” people in your life. Those people who take you up to the balcony and show you the view – who remind you of the best version of you and who champion and support you even when the going gets tough. You know who they are – reach out to them and consider being a balcony person to others too perhaps?

5. What three things will you dare to discover?

How exciting! What a thought! Let that best version of you guide you when answering this question.

6. What three things will you say NO to in order to say YES to the three things you most want to say YES to in 2021?

We often forget that sometimes we need to say no to some things in order to create space and time for the things we really want to say YES to. So perhaps it’s worth spending the first bit of 2021 saying no, creating space and time, and then diving into what is going to be really important to you in 2021and beyond.

Just six simple questions to help guide you through 2021. I hope they prove useful and inspiring and may they help you live a braver, richer life this year.

Even in these challenging and unusual times there is much to be grateful for, much to be hopeful about and much to delight in both within ourselves and out there in this crazy, jumbled, messy but endlessly creative world we all live in.

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