Positive Psychology Coach, Charlotte Wiseman

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Charlotte Wiseman was working in a high-pressured job in the fashion industry when she realised that she was putting too much pressure on herself to work hard, to eat well and to stay physically fit. She had experienced eating disorders in the past but overcame them through creating strict structures for herself. When she tried […]

I saw a light in a new day with woodworking

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by Robert Johnson Now when I remember, the storm of emotions pulls my body into a loop and I am able to relive everything. However, I am out of the storm – at least not totally caught. I did many things to get over depression and forget the bad feeling that was following my every […]

Former CEO of Unilever, Paul Polman

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When he was chief executive of Unilever, Paul Polman was responsible for 175,000 employees. Among them, there were those that had mental health issues. Paul led the creation of a culture where everyone is only one click away from whatever help they might need. Their approach was founded on four pillars of wellbeing: physical, emotional, […]

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