Whose rules are you living by?


Caspar Chittenden Whose rules are you living by? And have you ever examined these rules and wondered where they came from? The way we interpret and experience our personal reality has a lot to do with how our subconscious mind was formed during our childhood. At this early stage in our lives, we accept all […]

A more compassionate workplace


Dr. Marie-Helene Pelletier is an expert in resilience and workplace mental health. Through an exclusive masterclass for Head Talks, you will learn concrete takeaways to increase your own psychological health and resilience. She covers three topics; burnout and how we can impact it – and sometimes prevent it; your personal resilience strategy and […]

Helping kids manage their emotions, Alice Chinn

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As a teenager, Alice struggled to manage the pressures of school and became obsessed with doing well. In hindsight, these were warning signs, she said. “I was really very young, innocent, and didn’t know how to manage myself emotionally at all.” As her anxiety and depression got worse, her parents tried everything from alternative therapies […]

‘Power Break’ breathwork practice

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Mindfulness and breathwork expert Melike Hussein has created a 1 Minute Grounding Breathwork exercise that you can use when you feel stressed, experience anxiety or just find it difficult to switch off your busy mind. Consider it a ‘Power Break’, says Melike, who is a qualified nurse who credits the science-backed therapeutic benefits […]

Why age matters for inclusion

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When we talk about diversity in the workplace, why is nobody talking about ageism, asks inclusion expert Henry Rose Lee. She says that workplaces are missing an opportunity to benefit if they aren’t working towards including older and younger people. “Encourage multi-generational teams,” she suggests. “Force the issue with shadow boards, innovation hubs, […]

Hear some of our brilliant speakers,

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Podcasts are a brilliant way to provide a safe space for people to learn more about mental health issues, or to immerse themselves in someone else’s lived experiences. Our podcasts are available through our website, on Spotify, Soundcloud, and on Apple Podcasts – why not try one out? In this clip, you can hear some of the inspiring people who’ve spoken […]

What is women’s health?

True stories

Award-winning mental health consultant Amy McKeown wants us to understand women’s health and mental health better – and it’s not just about the menopause. “Women are more likely to suffer from chronic conditions than men, and women suffer from higher rates of depression and anxiety,” she says. “And in some conditions such as […]

Facing the future with John Sanei, John Sanei

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John Sanei makes it his business to study the future. He believes we are facing a time of change that’s happening at unprecedented speed. Our brains, he says, aren’t well adapted to deal with this new world, and we need to learn to change our state of mind — like a software upgrade — so […]

Measuring a nation’s happiness, Tshering Tobgay

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Dasho Tshering Tobgay is the former Prime Minister of Bhutan, the Himalayan country once isolated from the rest of the world, but which in recent decades has been pursuing the idea of measuring ‘gross national happiness’. This idea goes beyond the traditional pursuit of economic growth and takes into account the country’s environment and culture. […]

The power of poetry


Author and Head Talks ambassador Rachel Kelly suggests we consider poetry as part of our mental health toolkit. Poetry began to speak to her in the darkness of a spell in hospital during a crisis, starting with the work of George Herbert. His description of what it’s like to feel depressed as “guilty […]

Bringing happiness to work, Arnaud Collery

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Arnaud Collery is a speaker and coach who’s had a huge variety of careers from stand-up comedy to finance. He thrives on change and the feeling that fantastic things are around the corner. As someone who’s worked in many different parts of the world, he compares the attitudes that different cultures have to work — […]

When you lose a baby, what comes next?, Ryan Jackson

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When the worst thing you can imagine happens – the loss of a baby – then how do you begin to process the grief, while capturing the memories while you can? Ryan Jackson set up the Lily Mae Foundation and the Still Parents podcast to help parents (particularly fathers) in their darkest hour. One of […]

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