No news is good news, Rolf Dobelli

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Rolf Dobelli is the author of ‘Stop Reading the News: A Manifesto for a Happier, Calmer and Wiser Life’. As a recovering news junkie, he found that once he’d got over his initial worry that he was missing something, he was able to be calmer and take better decisions. Rolf argues that news is to […]

Author and journalist on happiness,

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Author and journalist Oliver Burkeman reminds us that what will be pleasurable and fun for us isn’t always easy at the beginning: think of it as weight training, and do a little more every day at the point where it’s a tiny bit more uncomfortable than you’d choose. “The advice you don’t want to hear […]

Meet Rufus

Struggle & success

Here’s Rufus the Walrus: a character created by Head Talks ambassador Lorna Collins. He will be featuring in an upcoming book alongside Sauerkraut the Sloth and Pritt the Piranha Fish. “I created these characters in response to the pandemic pandemonium,” said Lorna, describing her inspiration. The process brings me happiness.” Many thanks to Lorna – you can watch her Head Talk here and see her […]

Purpose and engagement coach, Jessica Huie

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Jessica Huie has changed her life more than once: she went from teenage mother to successful PR agent and entrepreneur. The loss of her father made her reconnect, she says, to everything that is important in her life, and changed it yet again. She’s written a book on finding your purpose and now encourages others […]

Irish actor turned NLP coach, Michael Legge

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Actor Michael Legge first realised that the noise in his head wasn’t ‘normal’ when he suffered a prolonged panic attack on a flight. “I realised I needed to find out who I was because there was clearly stuff in my head that needed sorting out.” Seeing a NLP practitioner helped him start to be able […]

Barber and Suicide Campaigner, Tom Chapman

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When a friend died by suicide, barber Tom Chapman realised he had to do something to try to encourage colleagues and clients to open up. He founded The Lions Barber Collective to raise awareness for suicide prevention. But the combination of the privacy of the barber’s chair and the personal relationships has provided a salvation […]

Celebrity fitness trainer, Tyrone Brennand

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As a teenager and young adult, Ty Brennand wasn’t interested in academic lessons, but lived for art and sport. During his early days at art college, he got mixed up with the wrong crowd. Lacking discipline and proper role models, he fell deeper and deeper into a dark hole until he felt there was no […]

Forget FOMO – just BE

Struggle & success

Career coach and Head Talks ambassador Anna Percy-Davis has some helpful ideas to ease ourselves out of lockdown and back into a more “normal” life. Take time to enjoy these fresh experiences and don’t try and get back to everything at once. Forget FOMO – just be present. And don’t forget: you don’t […]

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