Filmmaker, musician and author, Jamie Catto

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Jamie Catto is a musician, filmmaker and the author of ‘Insanely Gifted: turn your demons into creative rocket fuel.’ He believes that too much of our lives are lived at a superficial level of connection, where we behave in an inauthentic way. This, Jamie says, is something we’ve all been taught from our earliest years, […]

Performance and Teamwork Specialist

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Author and leadership expert James Kerr has studied high-performing teams including the All Blacks to learn the secrets of their success. In this video, he talks about the role of a good leader in building responsibility and resilience. “Leaders create other leaders by passing the ball, to use a sporting analogy. The ideal […]

Breath Therapist, James Dowler

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James Dowler began studying meditation after he’d experienced chronic fatigue and pain as a student. His exploration of techniques led him to breathwork, which he found helpful, powerful and quick. James now teaches breathwork methods to others and advocates their benefits for the whole self — mind and body together. He believes that using our […]

Former Chief Business Officer, Google X

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Attaining happiness is as predictable as getting fit, says Mo Gawdat, former Chief Business Officer at Google X and founder of One Billion Happy. “If you make happiness your priority and go to the happiness ‘gym’ four to five times a week, you will be happier.” Mo says that if we make it […]

Former Prime Minister of Finland, Alexander Stubb

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Alexander Stubb, former Prime Minister of Finland, believes that happiness comes from a balance of human contact, ongoing learning, and physical health. He thinks one essential component is an open mind: “Cynicism is an attempt to take the easy way out – it means you haven’t been curious enough.” And he thinks empathy is critical […]

Former pro rugby player, Ed Jackson

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Former professional rugby player Ed Jackson broke his neck and was paralysed from the neck down in 2017 after diving into a pool. Classified as quadriplegic, he was determined to prove science wrong: from wiggling his toes after a week to climbing Mount Snowdon. “I’m a walking quadriplegic – and I’m quite proud of that. […]

Sing loud, sing proud, sing together, George Bell

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Music brings us huge benefits, especially around confidence and engagement, says On:Song co-founder George Bell. “When we sing with the correct diaphragmatic breathing, we feel clearer and more awake. It gives us the opportunity to mindfully reconnect with ourselves through the simple act of singing.” It also makes groups feel more connected, he says. “Not […]

Positivity practice

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Acclaimed Sophrologist Dominique Antiglio has a positivity exercise for us, for whenever stress or negative thoughts come to us. The practice taps into mind, body and breath. If you like the practice shared by Dominique here, check out BeSophro’s new Move Forward with Positivity course, which was developed specifically in response to how […]

Rediscover hope where we can

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As an actor, Michael Legge struggled for years with anxiety, panic attacks and lack of confidence, before seeking help when it started to affect his career. Learning ways to manage his anxiety and how to build his own confidence, he found a passion for coaching and teaching. His aim? To build clarity, connection […]

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