Don’t run away from panic, Joshua Fletcher

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After suffering from anxiety, culminating in a full-blown panic attack at work, Joshua Fletcher studied how he could effectively treat himself. His best advice was “stop trying to fix yourself” which was genuinely liberating. He qualified as a psychotherapist and founded The Panic Room. Josh encourages people just to experience their panic. He says the biggest mistake that anxious people make is when they build a narrative that there’s something wrong with them, that they’re broken. “Don’t run away from panic. Don’t let it become secondary fear – being scared about what you’re scared about.”

  • You can read more about Josh’s work, including his two books, here.

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  1. Tejaswini

    How to deal with the feeling or urge of distracting yourself from secondary fear of fear.. because at that time our mind keeps on telling us to distract ourselves as a way of protecting ourselves

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