Fighting for your Child, Dani Maimone

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Mother of Child with Eating Disorder and Depression

Depression and anxiety among children and teenagers has soared. Yet a staggering 70 percent don’t receive help when they need it most. When Dani Maimone’s teenage daughter developed an eating disorder and became so depressed that all she wanted to do was die, Maimone faced years of fighting a sceptical system to get the right kind of help. ‘It just broke my heart,’ says Maimone in this moving video.

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  1. Laura Collins Lyster-Mensh

    Thank you for this moving, helpful, and real moment with a parent who has been there, gets it, and is helping others!

  2. Liz McMorran

    Thank you so much for this video, so succinct, articulate and as a mum with a 20 year old daughter who has been struggling with an eating disorder and depression for 4 years so relatable!
    I hope your daughter is recovering, it’s such a hard journey for the whole family and fighting the system to get essential and life saving care is frustrating and exhausting.
    You are an amazing mum and thank you for sharing your sadly all too familiar experiences.
    Sending love x

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