How much of our happiness comes from genetics and how much from circumstance? Silvia Garcia, former president of Coca-Cola’s Happiness Institute, says research tells us it’s around 50% from our genetics, 30-40% from things that we do, and around 10% from things that happen to us (and the happiness from the 10% is more temporary).

Silvia’s message is that we can most effect changes in our happiness by working on that 30-40% – the things that we do. She tells us that if we work on our happiness and satisfaction, we pass on a higher level of happiness to the next generation. “Build reliable, strong relationships, with people you can count on, who listen to you, and don’t judge – this is the most significant thing we can do to build our own happiness.” Workplace relationships based on trust are instrumental in happy workplaces, as is the importance of constantly learning and improving our skills.

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